Article (with Massimo Barbieri) on #business #method #patents now out on DIMT

The DIMT (diritto mercato tecnologia) law journal has just published an article I wrote with Massimo Barbieri on business method patents at the European Patent Office. The article can be downloaded for free at

We offer very interesting quantitative data about patenting activities for business method patent and granting trends at the EPO. Comments and observations are welcome. Feel free to post yout comments here.

AIDA on Artificial Intelligence

The annual meeting of AIDA (the Italian Association for Coryright) is set to take place in Milan, next September 21, 2018. Here is the flyer with the full program. Impressive roster of speakers for a very hot topic like #artificialintelligence and #intellectualproperty. 

A reminder for our students @UNIBS: Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme (new edition 2019!!!)

Let me remind you that the University of Brescia is member of the Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme, that gives enormous opportunities to our students.

The Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme (Pan-European Seal) is a comprehensive traineeship programme that bridges academia and the labour market in different fields (IP, law, finance, business, engineering, etc.) to promote and disseminate Intellectual Property among the Academic Community.

It is promoted in partnership with two of the world’s largest IP offices, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain and the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Germany and their strategic University partners.

This programme gives high-achieving, young university graduates access to a year-long (12 months) paid traineeship at either the EUIPO or the EPO, helping them get a foot in the door of the competitive world in a variety of fields through valuable, on-the-job, multicultural and professional work experience.

Within the context of the ongoing fight against high levels of youth unemployment in Europe and the commitment thereof to social responsibility, the Pan-European Seal will offer traineeship posts every year to graduates of their university partners, administered by both of the abovementioned offices. The number of posts offered is determined on an annual basis.

For more information, feel free to contact me at massimiliano [dot] granieri [at] unibs [dot] it or visit the program’s website at